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 Welcome to Taxnic Online 2012
We can not supple service for new 2013 tax year for our resource limitation. We still keep old web running.
Sorry for inconvenience.
Taxnic is a fully functional tax preparation system with an innovative calculation engine and many other valuable features. It is not only fast and easy to use; it's also secure and accurate. But the real bonus is that it unlocks complicated tax calculations while helping you save more on your income tax!

Sign up today and enjoy the beneficial and state-of-the art tax preparation system.

  Attention: after download tax file and you need to upload to CRA web to complete your NETFILE for Tax return. If your Internet Browser saves your tax file name as yourname.tax.xml, please change your tax file name as yourname.tax
 Features - Unlock Canadian Income Tax!
  • Form based - navigations cross tax forms, information slips and worksheets are easier than ever.
  • Straightforward site structure helps you complete your tax return in the minimum time.
  • All transactions and tax data are carried over using 128 or 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • All private information at Taxnic is encrypted. You can delete all your tax data after complete your tax return.
  • Taxnic is applicable for all of provinces and territories and all of the business activities.
  • Taxnic has new functions like Memo, T1-Adjustment and so on.
 Benefits - Save Money and Papers!
  • Helping you to maximize the refund and minimize the income taxes.
  • Reminding you of every possible tax deduction and tax credit that you didn't claim.
  • Helping click everywhere to help understand how you are being taxed to shift values in all areas of life.
  • Faster refunds (in as little as eight business days for NETFILE).
  • Greater accuracy and more validation. Easier to correct mistakes.
  • Paper Saving - 2D Bar Code with T1 General - Condensed 2012 if you choose to mail.
 Information from CRA for 2012 Tax Return Program
  • The Canada Revenue Agency has eliminated the requirement for the NETFILE Web Access Code (WAC). The WAC was the four-digit personalized code printed on the information sheet of the T1 personal income tax return package. You will still be able to use NETFILE to file your 2012 individual Income tax and benefit returns. The only information you now require, to access the NETFILE, is your Date of Birth (DOB) and your Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • Starting in February 2013, first time filers will be able to prepare their return using a NETFILE certified software.
  • Direct deposit is the fastest way to get your money. It is also convenient, easy, and secure.

  • If you are still in receiving refund checks from CRA by mail:
    Don’t delay—sign up today at www.cra.gc.ca/directdeposit
 Price - Affordable For Everyone
  • No Payment for:
    1. Return calculation;
    2. Fulltime students with 4 months or more;
    3. Yukon residents;
    4. Single return with the total income less than $20,000;
    5. Two or more returns with the total income less than $25,000 (exclude 2. and 3.).
  • Otherwise:
  • The following low price plus tax will be applied
      Single return: $8.99; Two returns: $13.99; Three up to twenty returns: $18.99.
  • Taxnic does not support returns which incorporate AgriStability/AgriInvest programs (T1273 & T1163) this year.
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